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The Palin Platform

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All Great Ideas Are Simple

by Morgan Freeberg

Nobody but nobody, it seems, feels lukewarm about Palin.

That her ideas possess currency is undeniable. In fact, just now there is a burst of energy behind her ideas. Which is interesting, because her ideas are rather plain; in fact, they are wholly lacking in anything remarkable at all. They are deficient in the irony people usually crave. These are quaint, bland, “up is up and down is down” ideas. If she were to announce a run for the Presidency, it would probably be along these lines:

1. The Government should fear the citizens, not the other way around.

2. If you want the economy to be stronger, do not fight the people who produce our nation’s wealth. Help them.

3. If your plan will not get us the results we need, with all due respect I could care less how smart you are.

4. If we have seen this scheme put into action before, and have yet to see it succeed; then let us shelve it until someone makes it work.

5. Make it inexpensive to put people on a payroll, or to keep them on it. Then, maybe businesses will make cuts somewhere else during the lean times…and perhaps hire some more. We are not beating this any other way.

6. Every move we make on foreign policy should send a signal to our allies that they made the right choice defending us; or, to our enemies that they made the wrong choice and need to reverse course. Those who are undecided about us, but watching, should be motivated in a powerful way to decide in our favor.

7. Anyone who does something you might not be ready, willing or able to do yourself – regardless of what they pull down for an hour on the job before overtime – is deserving of your respect.

These are dangerous ideas. Because they just might do what they're supposed to do... and fix more problems than they create.

This is a dangerous woman. She is committed to ideas like these. Come what may, you will not see her supporting their opposites. And she can fill up a stadium, bookstore or rental hall without paying people to be there. It's a bad, bad combination... depending, that is, on who you are and what you're trying to do.

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