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Aborting the child

"I hope he fails" Rush Limbaugh famously observed of President-elect Barack Obama in January of 2009, creating a firestorm of criticism from both the left and the right.

Although everyone knew that what Rush was saying was that he hoped the institution of  Obama's policies would fail, it did not keep the critics at bay. Instead they insisted that what he really meant was that he hoped Obama's presidency would fail or as was most widely asserted, was that Rush Limbaugh, whose love for America is undeniable, for some reason hoped America itself would fail.

The question is, did Obama fail? Not by the standards attributed to Rush, but rather by the standards that he actually meant, Was Obama successful at instituting his policies? The answer for the most part is Obama did not fail.

Right out of the gate he was able to pass the 800+ billion stimulus package which was his answer to the economic crisis that he "inherited".

Having checked this little detail off the list he immediately pivoted to "Obamacare" which after a year plus battle he shoved through congress against the expressed will of the American people. It may not have been as extreme a bill as he and his allies had hoped for, but given time it was and is designed to turn the US healthcare system into a single payer (socialist) health care system.

Obama and his allies were also able to pass the Dodd-Frank Bill which despite it's supposed consumer protections, institutionalizes "to big to fail" into our financial system. A financial system that is now far more controlled by the federal government, commonly known as fascism.

Obama when thwarted in his far left desires by congress has bypassed them and instituted his policies through executive orders or through extra-constitutional rule making in the Executive branch. These shenanigans have been most publicized through rules passed down by the EPA and NLRB but they have been "liberally" used in all departments of the Executive branch in order to bypass nettlesome opposition in the Legislative branch.

All in all based on what Rush meant rather than what was ascribed to him, Obama has not failed. In fact he has probably been the most successful liberal president in instituting liberal and progressive doctrine into actual government operations since LBJ. Far more so than Clinton who governed more like a "RINO" than a liberal and far more effective than the pathetic Jimmy Carter.

So where has this left Obama with all his "successes"? In the low 40's in job approval ratings and his fellow liberals running away from him as fast as a donkey can Gallup.

Consider this observation from a Politico story this morning
“It’s going to be a really tough battle,” Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) told POLITICO. “Democrats are all going to have to distinguish themselves from the president.
This from as liberal a congressman in the House as there is and who voted for and supports every bit of liberal legislation that Obama succeeded in implementing. When he says "distinguish themselves" he actually means distance themselves. Why, isn't this what you voted for? Aren't Obama's policies your policies?

Further in the article we read this betrayal:
“It didn’t have to be this way,” said another House Democrat who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly. “Obama’s presidency has fizzled. It’s going to be every person for himself in 2012. There just won’t be any coattails, and any effect he does have on the ballot will hurt us.”

“It’s hard because we’re inherently linked to the president and his number,” said a top Democratic operative close to party leadership. “It’s got us all pessimistic.”

Is this one of the congressman or "operatives" who stood on the House floor and cheered as "Obamacare" was passed into law in March of 2010?  Why didn't it have to be this way? What did Obama do that an overwhelming majority of the Democrats in the House and the entire Democratic membership in the Senate not vote for when they enacted Obamacare? Or was it one of the many other liberal policies that they enacted on on a almost total partisan basis that now has them fleeing from the president?

The Democrats in congress, the media and the entire liberal structure of American politics is now beginning to turn on Barack Obama, or at the very least they are attempting to "distinguish themselves" from him, why? They supported and cheered on every bit of legislation and policy he enacted and now he is somehow becoming persona non gratis of the American left? What did he do wrong?

Interesting isn't it that with all that Obama has accomplished.the lefts true believers say that he did not do enough. He did not carry their vision of leftist utopia far enough, he compromised his principles, their principles. He did not get enough "stimulus" to pour into more Solyndras. He did not get single payer health care enacted, he did not completely take over the financial segment of our economy or pass Cap and Trade and Card Check.

If only Obama had done more, if only he had closed Gitmo and retreated from Iraq and Afghanistan,

Then they would not have to abort their once beloved child.  It is almost as if they think he has Down Syndrome

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