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The other party in the transaction

To my surprise over the past decade or so I have switched sides in the moral question of our times. To put it in the political vernacular I have ceased to be "pro-choice" and become "pro-life".

As I have pointed out before the reason for this is not complex at all, it is rather very simple. I believe that like most of my generation who "came of age", I was 18 when Roe vs. Wade came down, I was never pro-abortion I was truly just pro-choice. Simply put I gave the woman in the situation the benefit of the doubt. I no longer have those doubts, the history of the abortion "movement" has convinced me that abortion not unlike a moral issue of another time, slavery, is not only misguided it is evil.

You see the argument that is made "for" abortion is always framed out of the proper context of time, the "choice" was made by the woman to have unprotected sex. To defer that "choice" until there exists another party to the transaction, the child, is to absolve the woman from responsibility for the only "choice" that was really made.

Nobody explained and distorted moral precepts better on this point than Barack Obama when talking about his own daughters he said:
"I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby,"
Of course the first moral precept he should explain to his daughters is that you are responsible for your actions, mistakes included, and the consequences of those actions. Based on Obama's moral code, which is the moral code of pro-abortion advocates, you are not responsible for your actions and the only one held accountable and "punished" for your mistakes is the only innocent person in the transaction. A baby is punished with death for the "choice" of the mother and that "choice" was made without giving the harmed party any "choice" in the matter whatsoever.

Abortion advocates claim a woman should have responsibility over her own body after she has failed to exercise responsibility over her body to begin with. What the pro-abortion crowd are advocating is very simply this "I have failed to be responsible so children must die."

Is there really any other way to look at it?

In the normal course of legal understanding when irresponsibility leads to death we call it manslaughter, however since the perversity of legalized abortion has taken a hold over an ever more callus society, we have turned this basic precept on its head and now refer to slaughter as a "right". Once a "right to kill" has been established not only legally but as a societal norm then we are far along the path to a return to barbarism. As I previously have written
Let’s make this simple, abortion in the natural order of things, putting aside any religious arguments is unnatural. Let me restate that abortion is not natural. Can there really be any argument against that simple statement? Of course not. In nature the female of the species does not kill their unborn offspring. Any debate about abortion must begin with that simple truth, abortion is an unnatural act-period.

Yet in so called popular American society today, those who oppose an unnatural act are somehow considered villains and uncaring, whereas those who promote the unnatural destruction of life are considered enlightened. This is not only backwards, it is sick and it is by any moral precept-wrong. Worse, this backward, sick, immoral thinking is promoted and championed in our society to the detriment of our moral structure which corrodes the very fabric of any truly progressive society. When any society champions death over life, the death of that society is inevitable.

Abortion is not a choice in American society today it is a cause; death should never be a cause. When the death of an innocent unborn baby becomes a political cause for individual liberty, a tool to be used to promote political agendas and a defining measure of womanhood in popular society, we truly have lost our way.
One of the most perverse caricatures used by abortion advocates in an attempt to garner sympathy to their cause is the often repeated assertion that without abortion we will see women returned to "back alley abortions". Putting aside the fact that any responsible woman has and has had in her power the ability to avoid unwanted pregnancies for decades. the victim in the scenario is not the woman but the baby who is being murdered.  I used to feel a sympathy for women who found themselves "unexpectantly"  pregnant until it dawned on me that there is no such thing. As Peggy Noonan so aptly put it  "You know why they call it birth control? Because it is meant to stop birth from happening nine months later..." 

Women have demanded to be treated equally in society, as they should be, but the entire abortion argument makes a mockery of this demand. If a man impregnates a woman and she has a child, society demands, as it should, that the man  accept responsibility for the child, at the very least financially. This is accepted and legally enforced in American society. However the woman who has just as much, if not more, say as to whether she becomes pregnant and is just as much a party to the pregnancy as the man is  is given the "choice" not only to not to accept responsibility for the child but to destroy it. Where a man who fails to provide for a child is rightly ridiculed, a woman who actually destroys a child is not only protected legally she has become a champion of womanhood. A man has no say in a woman's "choice" which can cause him a lifetime of added responsibility whereas she can choose to absolve herself of all responsibility at will by simply killing the product of her own irresponsibility. This does not absolve the man from responsibility for his part, in fact society and the legal system demand he be held accountable for his actions while simultaneously giving women a "free ride" for theirs.

This inequality of responsible behavior and hypocritical consequences far from promoting women equality only demonstrates a desire to be treated as the "weaker sex". Mature, responsible individuals take responsibility for their actions they do not hide from them and certainly they do not destroy the innocent products of their "mistake." Because once again the time frame of the argument is misplaced, the mistake is never the innocent child, the mistake is the irresponsible adult. Women who worship on the alter of abortion as a sign of liberation are in truth reinforcing a stereotype of women as nothing more than pleasure vessels.

The true horror that has been wrought by this abortion of common sense and values is that we now have not only an increase of children having children, but children aborting children. This is the result of a generation of  insane policies and societal acceptance of values untethered from the natural order and human decency. A growing ingrained acceptance in American society that life is not so precious after all, not to be cherished and protected but a cheap worthless product of carnal pleasures to be "terminated" if it interferes with the life of those who should feel responsibility for that life.

Once life is cheapened as it has been through what is now an abortion industry, then all life looses value and it is not long before life is not judged  by its inherent worth but how it affects an ever more jaded society.  The elderly become a burden rather than a source of practical knowledge and wisdom, the infirm and handicapped are not seen for their human qualities but as a drag on societies resources.

A second generation of Americans is now being raised with this death wish as the law of the land, laws which makes murder a right. I believe that Thomas Jefferson in contemplating the moral failings of America  in his time, slavery, expressed it best when he said;

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."

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