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Originally posted on April 10,2010

Excerpts from
Bill Ayers and The Kennedy Assassination

In fact the more conspiracy theories there are the less likely the truth will ever be revealed. The truth is often lost in the search for it....

...From an interview he did in October 2006 in Revolution Magazine which describes itself as Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Yes that is October 2006 not 1970 or 1995 and yes that is the magazine that speaks for American Communist Party. Please feel free to read the whole thing here are some highlights, oh this is about education in America.

That’s one of the things that’s actually annoyed me for about 40 years of being a progressive educator: the separation of the concept of progressive education from the concept of politics and political change. You can’t separate them

the contradiction between trying to change the school and being embedded in society that has the exact opposite values culturally and politically and socially from the values you’re trying to build in a classroom. This contradiction is something progressive educators should address, not dodge…
Please read that second quote carefully. He fully recognizes that what he is trying to promote in our schools is contrary, indeed opposed , to the values of American society. In the real world most people would say that he is saying “hey let’s brainwash the kids to our beliefs regardless of what the general public wants”...

...So the real story back during the campaign was not Obama knowing Bill Ayers the former terrorist, the story was that our future Presidents had a personal involvement with and supported a radical educator, whose views and philosophies most American parents would have found appalling if foisted on their children. And we are to believe that Obama was unaware of Ayers beliefs? Yet it was not only buried by most of the so called mainstream media, it was overlooked by most of the opposition in a Quixotic attempt to convince the American public to see the Ayers/Obama relationship as something to do with Ayers activities in the seventies rather than the very real ideological threat he represents now. In a sense the right was still fighting the Viet Nam War more worried about bombs than children.

But Obama was elected and still most people have little clue of the true relationship between Obama and Ayers, though they are beginning to sense the radical nature of the President. But what does all this have to do with the here and now?...


  1. I remember this post, and it is fitting to repost this (and others) now.

    I voted "US is finished as we know it" in your poll, and part of the reason is because of forces like Bill Ayers. These communists have been reshaping our society for decades, and those changes won't be reversed just by electing Romney. However, those changes - and the people behind them, like Ayers, who are active and influential - will provide the foundation for destroying our liberty and capitalism if Obama is given a second term.

    1. Hi Nancy

      I actually am the only(so far) vote for "years to recover". The reason I think that is not because I don't believe that Obama would be an unmitigated disaster, he will be. The reason is because his re-election would result in collapse of American society. At that point I believe America will begin to rebuild from scratch, scratch being the foundational principles we initially started with. Not sure if the US would still (geographically) be the same but the US will rise from the ashes somewhere. Not in my lifetime but in this century IMO


  2. I voted like Nancy....I do think it would be finished as we know it....it might recover some in the future...but it would never be "as we know it" again