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Dems join chorus questioning Obama on attack

Actually I believe that this could end up doing great harm to Obama. The media is not giving him as much cover as usual and if Dems are jumping in, it will get a great deal of exposure. The problem is that congress is not in session so it will be hard for the story to get focused. I f Romney was smart he would take some high profile Republican and have them really hammer it. They may be doing it with McCain to some extent but if they really wanted it to grab attention they would have Rubio begin to take the lead on it. Lots of advantages in having Rubio out front critically questioning this both for the election and his future.


  1. That's an interesting comment, Jer. I think Rubio would get some press coverage if he tackled this.

    I'm thinking, too, that there are some Democrats who are trying to distance themselves from Obama because they know that their chances of reelection are diminished if (when) Obama loses the election.

    1. I actually believe there are Democrats that are slyly sabotaging Obama. Not so much politicians but some in the media. They are beginning to realize that he could kill the Democratic Party brand for a generation. I suspect this election will take on an entire different look after the first debate.

      Here's hoping anyway