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"People were saying, 'You know what, this guy [Carter] is so bad. We have got double-digit inflation, double-digit unemployment, we got double-digit interest rates. . . Why is Ronald Reagan losing to Jimmy Carter? Everyone said, 'Oh my God, we are going to lose. And, of course, we didn't."

Karl Rove


  1. conservatives don't poll....
    ...they hang up

    two years ago we wiped their butts

  2. In some ways it scares me to think how few American Citizens "get it".
    And its even this close of a race. I am grateful that there is no chance of complacency among the Conservatives and Republicans.
    If the Democrat/Progressive talking heads are betting on seeding a defeatist attitude among us,and we just stay home. They are sadly mistaken. Thats not going to happen. So a small like for the skewed polls.