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The Democrats manufacturing policy

All you need to do in order to realize how bereft of ideas and solutions to the pressing problems of America the Democratic Party is, is just listen and watch what they do talk about. Rather than discuss the issues at hand they consistently resort to the basest forms of political discourse. Here are just a couple of recent examples.

To continue their fabricated meme of the Republicans "war on women" , Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is not only a US congresswoman but the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, held a press conference where she actually said the following (emphasis mine).
“I think we believe that women can see through that nice shiny packaging that the Republicans have been putting out there, through to what’s inside, which is really a disaster for women’s future, extreme policies,”
She was referring to the many women who were speakers at the Republican convention. Let's consider not just the obvious smear of Republican women, who number in the millions who.  according to Schultz, must be nothing more than ignorant dupes blindly following the "white male" dictates of the Republican Party, but also her directed smear of those specific shiny packages the Republican Party "put out there".

Those "shining packages" who also according to Schultz must be ignorant dupes include a former Secretary of State, an African American. A United States Senator, three sitting state governors including the first Hispanic woman governor and the first Indian American woman governor. A state legislator running for US Senate, four current women members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Four women candidates for Congress including a black mayor. These and several other women in various elected and appointed offices were the accomplished women who, in the view of the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, are nothing more than "shiny packages" put on "display" for the benefit of their male misogynist overlords in an attempt to fool American citizens.

Not only are her comments an insult to Republican women in general and the speakers in particular, they represent a total disdain for the intelligence of the American public. But this lack of serious discussion and degradation of large segments of the American population has become common place in the Democrats discourse. Without the least bit of shame or a passing deference to common sense or reason Democrats dispense such vitriol onto American society on a daily basis.

Consider the current chair of the Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who said this in regards to the Republicans and Hispanics at the Republican convention,
"..they can't just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and wait for the votes to pile up."
Well those "brown faces" that the Republicans "trotted out" were not only Hispanics themselves, they were elected representatives who actually did "pile up" significant votes on their way to public office. Included among these "brown faces" were two state governors and the governor of Puerto Rico, a US Senator, a former Texas solicitor general and 2012 Republican nominee from Texas for U.S. Senate and a US Congressman.

As Marco Rubio so aptly observed when told of  Villaraigosa  vile comments,
“Republicans, like everything else, we believe that we have to earn things [including votes]. The folks at this convention — they happen to be elected — they’re not manufactured, they’re real.”
The truth is that nearly every "issue" put forth by the Democratic Party and its operatives this election season is manufactured.  There is nothing "real" about anything that they are "trotting out " and presenting to the American public. The various attempts, as Marco Rubio again so aptly put it, to "divide and conquer" is the Democrats policy objective in this election cycle. Having no new ideas, or at least any that would be embraced by the electorate at large, they instead have chosen to vilify Republicans with childish characterizations that only the most partisan or ignorant citizens could take seriously.

The old maxim that negative political advertising works is being tested as never before but it goes far beyond just the ads we see.  It is now the entire campaign of the Democratic Party, to the exclusion of nearly any policy proposals, to paint the Republicans in such a negative light as to make future cooperation between the parties nearly impossible. This is neither new for this President and his surrogates or is it a small matter. As two Democrats opined back in October of 2010:
We write in sadness as traditional liberal Democrats who believe in inclusion. Like many Americans, we had hoped that Obama would maintain the spirit in which he campaigned. Instead, since taking office, he has pitted group against group for short-term political gain that is exacerbating the divisions in our country and weakening our national identity.The culture of attack politics and demonization risks compromising our ability to address our most important issues - and the stature of our nation's highest office....

...The president is the leader of our society. That office is supposed to be a unifying force. When a president opts for polarization, it is not only bad politics, but it also diminishes the prestige of his office and damages our social consensus.

Moreover, the divisive rhetoric that Obama has pursued can embolden his supporters and critics to take more extreme actions, worsening the spiral.
A year later in November 2011 the same writers foretold what is happening now and what will happen should Obama win (emphasis mine)
Certainly, Mr. Obama could still win re-election in 2012. Even with his all-time low job approval ratings (and even worse ratings on handling the economy) the president could eke out a victory in November. But the kind of campaign required for the president's political survival would make it almost impossible for him to govern—not only during the campaign, but throughout a second term.
The totally manufactured divide and conquer strategy of the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party has totally polarized not only the nation but has created a toxic atmosphere in Washington unlike any seen in our nation since the civil war. Four more years of this and we very well may cease to be as a unified nation, if in fact we are now.

No president and no political party in the last century plus has done so much to tear at the fabric of the American union as this president and the current Democratic Party and if the voters in November do not hold them accountable for these destructive actions, then America as we know it, is truly lost. Because as Rush Limbaugh recently observed and I paraphrase,

America can probably withstand four more years of Obama, but America can not survive a nation that would return him to office.

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  1. Good morning Jer,

    Great Article and so so true. I fear him getting elected because so many of the people who voted for him last time, the young people, do not pay attention or dig for information. They take what the MSM tells them as truth. Anytime I try to say "what that person is saying is not true at all" their reply is "all politicians lie so you cannot believe any of them" I actually have told my daughter I would rather her Not vote at all then vote for Obama again and she may just not vote this time around because she does not like Romney at all... .As political as I am my kids do not like politics at all and refuse to learn what is going on...except from places that promote the liberal agenda.. oh well we will see...
    again, great article. Thanks, Patti