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  1. I thought an attack on a embassy...any embassy

    ...was an act of war

    1. it is but who are you going to declare war on?

    2. I would say the country that didn't protect the embassy...

      but then Clinton blew the Chinese embassy to bits

  2. '"Oh, look......someone in Asswipe, Nebraska, took a whizz in the woods and aimed in the general direction of Makkah.....this is an outrage and an insult to the Prophet, (Peace be upon him), let's riot, kill people and burn down shit!!."

  3. there are some funny comments on the internet today....

    We Are Not at War . . . Just Under Attack

    We are now paying for the stupidity of removing the nasty, desert drag queen who had long ago ceased being a threat to America and, in fact, was an ally (I have personal knowledge of this) in tracking down Al Qaeda terrorists. It was likewise an even bigger mistake, one on the scale of Carter and the Shah, to help push President Mubarak out of power, welcome the Muslim Brotherhood, and pressure the Egyptian military into accepting the MB. We can see the results on our TV sets, in the idiotic behavior of our diplomats in Cairo (and I know a lot of them, including the Ambassador)--and in the media's never-ending quest to protect Obama and his foolishness, and give him a pass.

    The reason we see deranged or at least nasty and unpleasant dictators in the Arab world is that Arab societies are deranged, nasty and unpleasant--thanks largely to the brand of Islam practiced in those societies which is particularly deranged, nasty, and unpleasant. In the Arab world you can have a brutal authoritarian who tries to restrain the even more brutal religious fanatics, or you can have religious fanatics who lash out at anyone who does not see the world as they do.