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Andrew McCarthy on DOJ


  1. The key statement in the early part of his statement is this....
    "The law as a rule rather than a protection"
    That statement has a profound depth.
    I wont blather on, But I beg of those here /able to listen to hear what Andrew has to say here.
    You probably already know it but its worth the time to re acquaint yourself with "it".

  2. 4 particular areas.
    A must listen in this very valuable and balanced Video. 12 mins in.
    Must listen Vid if there ever was one.

  3. Omg and then the Sharia thing!
    Please find the time to listen to this statement from Andrew.

  4. And it ends with an example of Sharia law in America/(New Jersy)
    Now that is a "NEW"Jersey.
    Not a very pretty Jersey.
    Must listen!