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  1. To be honest I just dont get it. Why do you have to have complete plans (Ahead of the horse)that still have to be worked through The legislation.
    This is the goal and this is one of many ways to get there. That seems fine if you can trust the integrity of the candidate.
    I mean after-all we were expected to swallow:you have to pass the bill to find out whats in it!
    Now, do I trust Romney not to cave too much during that process?
    No I dont.
    But at least the path is in the correct direction.
    With Romney at least the tide will be bucking the river flood.
    You gotta start somewhere to reverse the bleeding(flow).
    I am sure hoping that with Romney /Ryan we get Bush with a better business sense and at least enough gumph to push back as opposed to the failed new tone of Bush JR.
    God Help us!