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"This baby-boomer angst is understandable. Our cunning plan to coast through our retirement and then hand the mess to our children has gone the way of all cunning plans. There is now a strong chance that the world will go to hell while we are still alive."

Christopher Chantrill


  1. Hummmmm????
    Its a rather cynical headline,but the article does moderate the grab words.
    If I can put it in my words.

    I can hear some of the Leftist elderly denying the thoughts of.
    I thought Gov was the only workable Ponzi scheme.
    I mean Social Security and the like will surely survive me!

    And the reality that it wont survive them,but their immediate children and grandchildren might just get caught holding the bag is not the relatively stable house of cards they were betting on. Now some of the Moderates and confused independents still think that wealth is an endless well at the ready for tapping. And they think surely you can tap that wealth just a little more,and all is balanced and good.
    For those poor clueless people that believe that,they have not come to the reality that the black hole of Gov has no concept of just a little more.
    Gov will always need and demand EVER MORE.
    No cut is small and no increase is ever enough.
    What were Ronnie's quotes?
    The closest thing to immortality on Earth is a Gov program.,and Liberals wont stop until they run out of other peoples money. (paraphrasing)
    I am rambling so I will stop with that.


    I am reading and I am thankful for your Jers Place.
    Life is very demanding ATM,and your one stop shopping is so needed and welcome.
    I dont have the time to keep up without your sight. And your sight is so encompassing I just cant take the time to respond,because you give me so much to read.
    Thankfully so.
    Keep up the good work. I am depending on it.

  2. I'll second that! I've been especially busy in recent weeks also. I read everything you post, Jer, and I often read things from the sidebar, but it's difficult to find time to comment.

    "One stop shopping" - yes, I like that!