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Today's Polls 10/11/2012-UPDATE

I have not had time to do much poll analyzing but I thought I would post today's polls from RCP. I have highlighted the ones that could be significant for various reasons which with one exception, an important one, Rasmussen National show thigs really trendinging Romney;s way. We'll have to see how Rasmussen trends the next few days to see if it is significant.

I also have been keeping my eye on the Hispanic numbers especially in states where it matters and they are also trending more towards Romney than the media narrative would have you believe. Not that Romney will win the Hispanic vote, but it is not as bad as they have made it out to be. I plan on writing more on that later.

I Added the RCP Map from today. Last week pre-debate this was 269-181 Obama. Big shift with a lot more steses now in play.(they always were). 


Real Clear Politics’ Latest Polls
Race: Romney vs. Obama, National

Gallup Tracking: Romney 48, Obama 47
IBD/TIPP Tracking: Romney 47, Obama 46
Rasmussen Tracking: Romney 47, Obama 48
Monmouth/SurveyUSA/Braun: Romney 47, Obama 46

Race: Romney vs. Obama, States
Florida (TBT/Herald/Mason-Dixon): Romney 51, Obama 44
Florida (NBC/WSJ/Marist): Romney 47, Obama 48
Ohio (Rasmussen Reports): Obama 48, Romney 47
Ohio (NBC/WSJ/Marist): Obama 51, Romney 45
Ohio (Gravis Marketing): Obama 45, Romney 46
Colorado (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac): Romney 48, Obama 47
Virginia (NBC/WSJ/Marist): Obama 47, Romney 48
Virginia (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac): Obama 51, Romney 46
North Carolina (Rasmussen Reports): Romney 51, Obama 48
Nevada (Suffolk/KSNV): Obama 47, Romney 45
Wisconsin (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac): Obama 50, Romney 47
Michigan (Detroit News): Obama 49, Romney 42
Michigan (Gravis Marketing): Obama 46, Romney 44
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Inquirer): Obama 50, Romney 42
New Jersey (Philadelphia Inquirer): Obama 51, Romney 40
California (SurveyUSA): Obama 53, Romney 39
Massachusetts (PPP): Obama 55, Romney 41

Race: Senate
Massachusetts Senate (Rasmussen Reports): Warren (D) 49, Brown (R) 47
Massachusetts Senate (PPP): Warren (D) 50, Brown (R) 44
Virginia Senate (WeAskAmerica): Kaine (D) 41, Allen (R) 46
Virginia Senate (NBC/WSJ/Marist): Kaine (D) 47, Allen (R) 46
Ohio Senate (NBC/WSJ/Marist): Brown (D) 52, Mandel (R) 41
Florida Senate (NBC/WSJ/Marist): Nelson (D) 52, Mack (R) 39
Virginia Senate (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac): Kaine (D) 51, Allen (R) 44
Wisconsin Senate (CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac): Baldwin (D) 48, Thompson (R) 46
Nevada Senate (Suffolk/KSNV*): Heller (D) 40, Berkley (R) 37
Pennsylvania Senate (Rasmussen Reports): Casey (D) 49, Smith (R) 45
Michigan Senate (Detroit News): Stabenow (D) 50, Hoekstra (R) 38
New Mexico Senate (Rasmussen Reports): Heinrich (D) 52, Wilson (R) 39
California Senate (SurveyUSA): Feinstein (D) 54, Emken (R) 35

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