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Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?

One can only hope. I wrote about this back in 2008. It looks like Obama is up to his old tricks, not that this is a surprise. 
Barack Obama is the first candidate since Watergate to not take public financing for the general election despite a pledge, in writing, to do so. I daresay that no other candidate would have been able to even get away with this without being totally excoriated in the media. But not only has Obama done it with hardly a peep of criticism, he has done it with virtually no media oversight or exposure of potential abuses. The evidence of these abuses and possible fraud grow by the day, yet is it a story on 60 minutes? A New York Times column? A front page on the Washington Post? A small article in TIME magazine? A blurb on your local news? Hardly a word from the institutions that brought down a corrupt President which precipitated the need for public financing of Presidential elections in the first place, shameful. 

A candidate is raising literally hundreds of millions of dollars, swamping his opponent with advertising and other political advantages such as local offices and paid operatives. All this and much more that money can buy and nobody in the mainstream media even questions how it is possible that a person can donate to Obama’s web site with a credit card and not even use their real name or their correct address or even what country they are from. The Obama campaign has removed all fraud safe guards from their web site so that even the most rudimentary checks of credit card contributions are not verified. Forget the three numbers on the back of the card that most of us are used to entering when making a purchase on line or over the phone, if you enter a false name and address if it is a valid credit card it is approved by the Obama campaign and the money is accepted. 
What does this mean? It means that since the Obama campaign does not have to report the names of anyone that contributes less than $200 to the Federal Election Commission, anyone can donate as much as they want as along as they donate less than $200 under any one name. By using different false names and false addresses for each transaction it allows unlimited use of the same credit card, nobody will ever know. Of course this also means wealthy supporters can far exceed the $2300 maximum individual contribution. So any contributor, foreign or domestic without oversight can contribute endless streams of money into the Obama coffers without anyone knowing, and they are. To be able to do this, the campaign must have knowingly disabled these credit card security safe guards that are common practice to all businesses and campaigns, you can not give a false name contribution to the McCain campaign, it will not accept it. This practice could only be set up for one reason, to facilitate fraudulent campaign contributions. This is in keeping with a host of shady financial and voter fraud allegations and proven practices by the Obama campaign that are scarcely reported, while any slight miscue by the McCain campaign is herlded on all networks and in the press.  
Where are the Redfords and Hoffmans of the current crop of investigative journalist? Perhaps they are too busy uncovering the details Sarah Palin’s shoe purchases at Nieman Marcus. There is just so much corruption going on both politically and in the media it makes a thinking man ill. Unfortunately for our country the thinking men and women have been brainwashed by an American Idol mentality, which has replaced style for substance. I fear we are about to enter into an era of unprecedented political manipulation that will replace what is real and important in life especially political life with a shadow image that has no resemblance to not only what America was but the promise of what it should be for our children. Why?

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