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On the recent Israel/Hamas dust up

One reason that I believe that the world is heading head first into a period of utter chaos is how far we have veered away from logic and reason when it comes to the basics of.... well logic and reason.

I understand the reason that this has come to pass, the leftist/progressive intellectual/ media complex has so corrupted society with false narratives to promote their agendas that truth is no longer  a necessary ingredient in forming public opinion.

I could write volumes on this deception but the problem at its core is that far too few people care about truth when forming their judgement anymore, false narratives are far easier and easier to digest.

Take the recent dust up between Israel and Hamas, right there is something that was lost in the false narrative, it was Israel versus Hamas not Israel versus the Palestinian people. It was a vibrant health democratic nation state defending itself
from a recognized terrorist groups attack on its sovereign territory. That is truth, though you would be hard pressed to hear it expressed so simply in all the commentary about it.

Consider how far we have traveled down the road towards chaos when the Israel Prime Minister has to actually thank the American President for recognizing "Israel’s need to defend itself, and Israel’s right to defend itself." A terrorist organization that as a plank in its charter calls for the destruction of Israel, uses missiles provided by Iran to wantonly attack innocent Israeli citizens is instead portrayed as the victim by a corrupt and lying media complex.

I have read no better summary of the culmination of this distortion than by David Goldman when he points out the obvious
It is astonishing that American officials and the world media have hailed Morsi simply because he first sicced his dog on his neighbor, and then called the dog off.
This sort of distortion of reality and the defense of evil can not go on indefinitely without dire consequences to a stable societal structure. If the world's leaders and "opinion makers" continue to promote agendas that are so diametrically opposed to truth, dark days lie ahead-

Truth Matters

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  1. Well said. Yes, dark days lie ahead.

    I'm still reeling from the election results and from the results of what Obama has already put in place -- and he isn't even into his second term yet.