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"Listen, Republican leadership, you made a cock-up of this last election. We conservatives are stunned and still reeling that you could have lost it. We can't believe it. This election was impossible to lose. We should have been able to run Donald Duck and win. But you managed to lose the election to the worst president in American history -- an anti-American Marxist -- in a horrible economic recession he is largely responsible for, and you still lost the election. That is really an incredible accomplishment. We can't wait to see what you're going to do for us next."

J.T. Hatter


  1. Good quote, and I think it's exactly how so many of us feel - stunned and betrayed.

  2. I only agree with this partially. Its hard to explain but here goes...
    I dont think many true active Conservatives neglected to vote.
    Conservatives in life but not in every waking thought werent motivated to vote.
    They were almost there after the first debate. They saw a spark and started to get excited at the thought of a fighter. A person that has convictions and is willing to stand up for them.
    But with the second two debates when they again just heard words with no vision,no mental picture from the words uttered by Romney. It was like Romney was a set of words repeated all throughout the primaries.
    The old just words just speeches.
    The first debate was a true contrast that conveyed some sort of vision that could manifest in a voters mind and result in action.
    The two following debates were Romney coasting.
    A return to words.
    Therefore there was no spark.No expectation that A Romney would would work on the vision.

    They heard the words I agree with Obama and said to themselves........
    I am to busy in work and home life to bother voting.
    Why would they at that point.
    They saw absolutely no distinction. No new possible picture.
    So if there is no difference no vision no new mental picture of a possible better path.
    Why bother. I am too busy.
    Romney wont stand up for his principals. He will never stand up for mine.
    To reach the very busy silent majority. They must be inspired.
    Bush redo and Obama lite are not inspiring. Why even get up off the couch if the results are not so different.
    You and I are political junkies.
    We know the full story.
    These busy people only know the repeated soundbites from the MSM. But they know they arent hearing the entire truth.
    They dont have the time to find out the entire numbers/graphs/timetable/percentages reality.
    They need to be inspired every time they tune in for the few moments they set aside.
    A Constitution class combined with fiscal astronomical numbers bla bla bla and bla bla I agree with my friend on the other side is so not inspiring!