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The ‘Untold’ False History That the Left Tells All the Time

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By Daniel Greenfield

Oliver Stone’s “The Untold History of the United States” is one of those untold histories that are told over and over again by the left. But no matter how often the left retells the same stories, it makes sure to add an “untold” in there, not because their revisionism of history was previously untold, but because the idea that a secret history is being uncovered carries with it a whiff of daring and rebellion that appeals to the students of a college campus looking for fresh answers and reversals of everything that they thought was true while growing up.

There are truly untold histories. The history of Communist terror in the Soviet Union and around the world is one of them. As is the history of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, not by some combination of the Mafia, CIA, Cuban exiles and space aliens, but by a fanatical leftist who had defected to the Soviet Union. And finally there is the untold history of American Communists who fought to overthrow the United States and replace it with a totalitarian state through a campaign of terror, treason and lies. A campaign that they waged with as much fanaticism as Lee Harvey Oswald waged his.

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  1. Hi Jer and Patriots. I am half way through a must read and must listen.
    That is the PJLifestyle link with Bill Whittle.


    Please find this and take the time to read and listen.
    It will require an hour and a half to get through. Reserve some time on your day off. Warn your family and friends that this is your time. Take the time. Your Country depends on you to do so.
    There are some things in here that I dont completely agree with. Thats not a problem.
    Its the totality. And you cant do this in your spare time . Please set aside at least an hour to read and listen. It starts off slow,but please read and listen.