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Chart of the Day

Via-Power Line


  1. This chart tells me that aside from the city areas,we conservatives are winning locally. Thus the House was retained.
    I cant repeat this enough,the midterms are our only savior for the moment.
    Now is the time to muster the strength and plan to oust BONNER thus actually control the House,and regain the senate while the Left is sleeping.
    The Left is wide awake during the Presidential elections.
    The Left is full of hubris in the midterms after a Left Presidential win. Strike while the iron is hot and the Left thinks all is set in stone!

    Oh and the Bonners that think they have a window in the House to(purge Conservatives) Shut those Repubicans down!
    The mid terms are the Conservatives window.
    Get rid of the limp Repubicans and the Statist Progressives.
    2010 can easily be repeated with further gains.

    1. I agree Spathy, what needs to happen first is finding strong Tea party conservatives to take on Repubs in safe Republican districts. Change the easy districts first before jeopardizing the House.