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"It stands as a remarkable achievement in the history of this nation that the city of Charleston, SC, to which one must travel to get to Ft. Sumter, would put Tim Scott in the United States House of Representatives. It is as remarkable that the State of South Carolina, so often painted as an unrepentant hotbed of secessionist bigots by the left, would elevate Tim Scott to the United States Senate"

Erick Erickson


  1. Jer and fellow patriots. This is a must read and a must click to read on.

    Tea Party Triumphs, And the Band Plays On



  2. Hi, Jer and Friends.

    I've read most of your links to the right, and there are some really outstanding articles there. I haven't read Tea Party Triumphs yet, but it will be next on my list.

    Many writers are starting to explore the ideas that (I think) drive Obama. It isn't just one idea - communism or Agenda 21 - but a whole range of initiatives that will lead us to Utopia - with Obama at the head, of course.

    Throughout my adult life, I've seen many changes, and I've come to understand how these changes are interrelated and interdependent. Progressivism has spread through every facet of our lives, binding us up as surely as spider webs.

    Many of the articles you post make reference to this rot that is progressivism, whether it's Russia-China issues, the shooter in CT, the fiscal cliff fight, evil Sebelius, or any other topic. As we learn the methods and goals of these liberals, we can understand how and why things are going so wrong.

  3. NumberW
    I feel your strain.
    I select the side bar posts not at random or as the hot topic. I look for anything the sounds like a solution. There are side bar articles that are very good. But I am not in the mood.
    There are quite alot of sidebar articles that are timely. If they are tragedy today?, I ignore them.(til possibly later).
    They are distractions.
    The tragedy in Conn is a prime example.(important needed discussions)but not reactionary rubbernecking!
    The more I look at the accident on the road the more I dont look at where I am going.
    Accident waiting to happen/legislated.
    Not that the Conn tragedy was an accident,but its a distraction from the more tragic path we are on.
    So I chose my news. Whats hot today may not be hot next month.
    If its worthy it will still be hot/worthy in days,weeks/months to come.
    And when the Left doesnt let a tragedy go to waste we cant sit silent but we cant take our eye off the ball either.
    EPA Dec 31.
    All new cars mandated black box that tracks your driving habits.
    You didnt hear about that?
    You were distracted!