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I am a firm believer in planting seeds. I sincerely believe that when a light is shown in a dark place it will often direct people in a direction they had not previously observed. Although the seed of truth may take years to find fertile ground in a closed mind, when it does it usually becomes a passion for the individual. It is as if being awakened from a self imposed slumber, the person works tirelessly to make up for lost time.

Nancy (numberwise) who visits here often says correctly that I (we) are pretty much preaching to the choir, and she is right. Most people who visit here or sights like this are already conservatives, libertarians , constitutionalist, etc. Although we may disagree on specifics, or methods, for the most part we agree on the big picture issues and all we are truly doing is reinforcing our beliefs and supporting one another in what seems to be an increasingly darker world. Although this is needed, I suspect it is not enough to have a real impact on moving America back towards sanity ie: freedom.

I have a thought that perhaps people who do truly care about the future of liberty in America ought to step into the lion's den. Not with the intention of confronting or arguing with those ill informed about the truth of freedom's light but rather as teachers or more aptly as sowers of seeds.

My idea is this, to create an internet handle, an anonymous identity on the internet, and go to leftist and progressive blogs and sites and communicate with the enemy (so to speak). Not to confront them but to just listen to their ideology and to toss out seeds of truth, not in a confrontational manner but humbly, with the hopes of opening minds.

It is doubtful that anyone who attempts this will see the fruits of their labor directly, as i said it usually takes years to open a closed mind, but not always. When people begin to question their own beliefs, especially the young whom we are truly out to change, it can often happen quickly.

The left is constantly creating all sorts of organizations and groups in order to get their message out, usually it is pure propaganda based on lies, I have read much of it over the years. Why shouldn't we attempt to spread the truth of liberty in a similar matter?

The key I would think would be to stay above the fray and to not be drawn into long drawn out ideological discussions where a herd can develop but rather to just throw out nuggets of truth into ongoing discussions so as perhaps change the trajectory of someone's thought process. Perhaps engage in a discussion with a single individual for a time if it appears that they are receptive, but not to try to "take on" the leftist blogosphere but rather to

Just plant seeds

Just a thought


Oh if you think this is a good idea, link to this post and pass it on to others who might be receptive (Anonymous for Liberty)


  1. You do have a point. I will have to chew on that for a bit.

  2. Well said, Jer. I have so many thoughts on this subject that I've had difficulty framing my comment!

    I agree that doing as you suggest - leaving short comments on progressive sites to plant the seeds of truth - could be effective. I also agree that engaging in long discussions with liberals defeats the purpose, for then one becomes known on that site and is seen as "the enemy".

    I've learned so, so much from reading here at your site. Your posts are always thoughtful and welcome, and the articles you post are usually the best of the bunch on a particular subject. Yes, it may be preaching to the choir, but it keeps us well-informed so we can use the info to plant seeds, as you suggest.

    Perhaps we could talk more about how we, as individuals, could plant the seeds of truth and understanding. I've been thinking of some ideas, and I'm sure others have lots of good ones.