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“It used to be you worked because you had pride in yourself and you would support your family, you would take care of yourself, you would be part of building this America, and now, are we becoming too dependent on government to take care of us? Government can’t afford to take care of everybody. We don’t have the money.”

Rep. Sue Myrick


  1. We can easily take care of our own if those that can take care of themselves.... DO SO.
    We used to be able to take care of a good portion of the World as well. You know with things like food and security technological advances.
    But sadly no longer. Or at least not for the foreseeable ObamaReidPelosiBONNER future!
    Welcome to the statist nirvana.
    All is becoming equal.
    Equally bad!

  2. You know I hate to sound simplistic but I swear some of the forward path to dependent insolvency stems from PC blathering.
    Think about it.
    There was a time in American society when we knew how to have face to face discussions.
    Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings can no longer have frank and honest discussions without some being offended.
    Why is that?
    Answer PC.
    Think about it.
    People are discouraged from speaking their mind even in a polite active way.
    People are trained by the media and like ilk to search for comments to be offended by.
    As a result more people are offended by normal conversation and people with differing opinions loose the ability to voice an opinion for lack of common conversational practice.
    It used to be that a bar/pub,a normal gathering place to converse and toss about the day and life was somewhere along the line altered.
    It was no longer possible to talk politics,religion etc in such a normal gathering place.
    Why because a few drunks went beyond normal conversation?
    We ban xy&z in society because we have all been trained to become PC wimps.
    All the while the media can be un-PC and that is an untouchable Privilege from the Bill of Rights.
    Every other portion of that basic foundation of society is up for interpretation/tinkering/shunning/outlawing.
    Peer pressure has been turned on its head.
    All due to lack of civil discourse freedom. And the freedom of civil discourse!
    And just to blather some more.
    As a result we dont grow up!
    We inflict the parental tactics on an adult populace(via Gov control) while we neglect the parental control over juveniles that need it.
    I cant imagine why things are getting out of control.
    We raise Juveniles as if they were adults. Treat adults as juveniles,and elect said adult(juveniles) that we expect to behave like responsible adults.
    What could go wrong????!

  3. To sum it up!
    Dont ever shy away from politely speaking your mind.
    No matter how society has taught you to feel uncomfortable about it.
    Remember be polite,you have become rusty. Or at least I have?