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Explaining The Work Of TEA?Party

To the Readers' Forum:

As a concerned citizen and member of the Southern Tier TEA Patriots, I would like to share with our community some information about the TEA Party. There has been so much dislike of TEA-partiers expressed by people who don't seem to realize what the TEA Party stands for that I feel it might be helpful to briefly summarize our objectives and goals and to give an example of the type of work we do.

The TEA Party serves as a community representative of the citizens to hold all elected officials accountable to the American people and to inform American citizens of our individual rights and responsibilities under the United States Constitution. One of the goals, of which I will cite a specific recent example, is to inform citizens of current legislation and/or issues to be brought before legislators and the effect such action will have on the people. This is intended to motivate our citizens to take whatever legal and peaceful actions necessary to preserve our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

I recently wrote the following letter, on behalf of Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots (STTPP), to the following politicians: U.S. Congressman Tom Reed, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NYS Sen. Cathy Young, NYS Assemblyman Andy Goodell, and Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards.

The letter is as follows:

We are again writing to request that National Grid (NRG) in Dunkirk, N.Y, be converted to natural gas.

It is of paramount importance to New York State and Chautauqua County to keep our power plant in full operation. NRG is our reliable power source and one of the largest taxpayers in the area. The conversion will create many jobs in the construction and related industries that could last for about three years.

Please consider the impact of the conversion of NRG to natural gas and keeping the local plant in operation beyond any political implications. We will continue to pursue this matter and trust you will consider honoring the request of the citizens.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


I hope that this letter to The Post-Journal, with the contents of the letter to our elected politicians, will help non-TEA-partiers to better understand what we are about. We are not, and never have been, eager to alienate any person or group. Thanks to all who read this with an open mind!

Mary Loftus


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