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  1. YUP.
    Bonners fingerprints are already all over the Origins of the fiscal cliff. That was his compromise solution. Thats how we got here. Actually it was Bush that sewed the seeds. The sunset to the tax reduction was his compromise.
    And can someone please tell me how the Demoncrats can get away with blaming all fiscal evils on the Bush Tax cuts and stating that the Bush tax cuts didnt help at all. TWELVE YEARS of this repeated mantra.
    And NOW they can get away with saying that its a fiscal cliff to return to Clinton era taxes?
    I mean my goodness.This is as difficult to explain as how to get out of a wet paper bag!!!!
    Bonner has to go!
    And the Republican establishment needs a severe lashing. The mid terms are the only realistic chance the Conservatives have for the foreseeable future to turn this ship around.
    Its not time to abandon ship just yet. But it is darned time to wrestle control of the helm!