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I am not a Jazz fan by any means but some years ago while living  in Orlando I came across a jazz station on the radio which I really enjoyed listening to on my way home from work. As a result of that few minutes a day I became a big fan of the Jazz group called Acoustic Alchemy and now have several of their CD's. Whenever I need a lift I put on one of their albums and it never fails to lift my spirits, it's that kind of music.

As I said I'm not a jazz fan, so I was surprised to learn today that one of my favorite songs off of Acoustic Alchemy's album Reference Point was actually a very famous song by The Dave Brubeck Quartet and that Dave Brubeck passed away today. Evidently Brubeck was one of Jazz musics greatest artist.

 In his memory here is one of my favorite groups doing one of The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s greatest hits which I did not even know he had done-but I'm sure glad he did.

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  1. I'm not a jazz fan either, but I certainly enjoyed this - more than once! Thanks for sharing it.