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The Age Of Lies

Via-Jer's Notes

The very fact that I keep this blog and daily post articles about the world around me attests to the fact that I am, at the least, an observer of the world. I am neither apathetic to what is occurring around me or ignorant of the political, global or social events on which I opine. Further I was blessed with a great passion to study history and have indulged that passion all of my life.

I  have my own ideological view of events but one thing is obvious, my opinions are informed opinions. My ideological views have been shaped not by heritage or indoctrination but have been derived over the years through intense inquisitive observation and my own critical thinking.

Why do I write this? Because I have reached the point in my "eyes wide open" observation of the world around me, that we (mankind) are at a turning point. Where we are going I have not a clue, but that things are about to change I am reasonably certain, I mean big changes. Why do I sense this big change coming? Because my observations lead me to conclude, that as a species, we have currently devolved to a point where truth doesn't matter.

Don't get me wrong, truth always matters, and it still matters to most people a great deal in their daily lives and in their daily interactions with one another, But this inherent component necessary to the functioning of human interactions is being shattered in the societal and political spheres on a global scale.

Lies are beginning to rule the affairs of man.

My informed opinion surveys the societal and political landscape and nearly everywhere I look, I see the affairs of man being shaped by lies.
Examples abound on a grand scale a few examples-

  • Israel a representative democracy founded and governed on moral principles has become the whipping boy of the world, while terrorist with no regard to human life are applauded and lauded by governments around the globe.
  • A pure and simple scientific hoax, global warming, is precipitating the economic destruction of the global economy.
  • Speaking of which, debt is seen as a savior while frugality is derided.
  • Good and decent people are mocked for their goodness while the  uncouth and perverted are made into cultural icons.
  • America, the home of modern democracy and individual liberty, elects petty little men and chain themselves to an anchor of tyranny.
  • The innocent are slaughtered in the womb and we call this irresponsibility and genocide "choice".
  • Victimhood has become heroic while the pursuit of success is persecuted.
  • The wisdom of age is ignored and scoffed upon while the naivety of youth is cheered and revered.

And all of this is called progress and enlightenment by people who have failed to study the past or objectively observed the consequences that their beliefs and ideology are having on society. Or worse, know and cheer on the destruction that they have wrought,

I once wrote that I ceased to be liberal when I realized that in order to maintain that ideology I had to continuously deny what I knew to be the truth. What we are witnessing now is not just the denial of truths, it is the redefinition of truth.

Evil is being recognized as good and good is being condemned as evil.

And it is everywhere and it is seeping into everything.

We have gone through similar periods in the past but never on this scale because man has never lived on such a scale as we do now. Always great crisis have followed these periods followed by some new awakening and growth. Whether we are going through another one of these "evolutionary" periods I do not know, only God knows but what I do know is this.

Living in the age of lies hurts.

Be careful



  1. Off topic...sort of...

    I just saw a comment on The Blaze that said that the UN Agenda 21 web page has been removed. Sure enough, I get a "not found" error message when I click on it.

  2. Hi Number
    They are probably updating the website. You know they have no need to be shy any more. So the more radical face can come out now.