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  3. Thanks for your voice Anonymous.
    I liked "hearing" it.
    And I think that the Local path to control is the best option we have.
    If we AMERICANS dont take advantage of that very tool our Founders forged for us..... Then we truly are doomed at our own lack of will and creativity.

    If the fact that we still hold the house doesnt tell/scream LOCAL!
    And we do nothing to gain on that last bastion of Constitutional birthright/DUTY! Then we deserve the Gov we get!

    And just an add on.....
    Dont give me this crud about we need a charismatic young Republican to win the Presidency.
    Of course that would be fine. But we need to sit down with our children and discuss/inform.
    We need to go to every parent teacher meeting in school and then some.
    We need to voice our opposition to ineffectual leaders (BONNER)(Teachers) (school council)etc...

    I have gone to these meetings. I have been turned away because I dont have children .(Large attendance) (no space)
    I am not only preaching to you I am preaching to myself.
    After such an embarrassment I gave up. And thats what "they" depend on.

    I mean lets get honest here.
    A gay man (the lefts token) comes in and is so blatantly shunned.
    Ok fine,I dont have children.

    I pay taxes for others children!
    One could say that I get no benefit /reward for my taxes.
    So I have no voice.
    You would be wrong in the opposite.
    I get a negative result.
    I have no say and I pay the tax and get a (many adjectives)bad return on investment.

    I have to scan the applicants that want to work for the company I am also employed by.
    I see the lack of return on my taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    But I am a knife.
    And I am reduced to choosing from a gaggle of spoons ready and willing to be filled with unearned reward money for a day of semi work!
    You know the kind.
    Very timely for their 15 min break.
    Not so much for their start time.
    Yet for the 20 minutes before the break they were only chatting with the other employees getting ready for, or all ready on break!