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Time to go on offense

Via-Daily Caller

Yates Walker

Only in the Republican Party is guileless capitulation a stepping stone for success.

If John Boehner were transformed into a cheetah and transported to an endless African savanna — a flat one, stuffed to the horizon with antelope, warthogs, rabbits and three-legged gazelle — he would find a way to starve. Or get eaten.

But Boehner — as enduringly impotent and wholly unaccomplished as his speakership has been — isn’t our biggest problem. Our biggest problem is that we still think we’re the establishment. We’re not.

For most of American history, Republicans were the establishment, the adults in the room who made allowance for the cranky, spoiled Democratic children who always demanded more no matter how large their allowances grew. But that’s over. It’s actually been over for a while, but the inertia of our losing routine kept many Republicans too busy to notice.

Crazed leftists have been steering the nation leftward for generations. How?

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