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  1. I have looked at this cartoon for a while. I really dont get it. What part I think I get is ok but not very useful. Possibly its because its dark but also timely.
    Possibly because such things shouldn't have the caption with the phrase "toon" in it. Its ok I can not like or understand it.
    I can say that I dont like it or understand it.
    Thats my opinion.
    Where am I going with this........?
    I am free to be offended.
    I am free to voice my opinion.
    My decision to be offended(which I am not)is my choice.
    Should I work to have someone punished for their freedom of expression?
    NO and absolutely NO!
    My freedom is to be able to voice my own opinion.
    My freedom starts at my willingness to be offended and ends at my vocal response.
    Please remember this cartoon was not offensive to me.(and if it was who cares).
    It just made me think about all the backlash crap that occurs when someone chooses to be offended and doesn't think that their response via freedom of opinion is enough redress.

    PC = vocal wimps! And Leftist free for all.
    Such thin skin that chooses to be offended and then vocally is offensive in response is an action that to this day baffles me!
    Short of a false call of fire in a theater (PC cover).I dont get the imbalance of unequal implementation.