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Blogging has and will continue to be slow for a bit. I have come down with the flu so motivation level is way down. I will try to keep sidebars somewhat updated but don't expect much posting for a couple more days.



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  2. Oh, nooooooooooo....

    Take care of yourself, Jer, and get better quickly.

  3. I was just doing an interesting task. I was looking up my precinct results from 2010 and 2012. There were roughly 1500 votes cast in 2012. 500 or so for Republicans and a 1000 or so for democrats.
    In the midterm it was 40 or so for Republicans and 350 for Democrats.
    After all I have read about midterm hopes for republicans,this confused me a bit.
    But then I thought about it. Iff all the Republicans that voted in the general election voted next time in the Midterm we could win the "hood" ie my district and many other districts like it in inner cities.
    I think its doable.