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It’s the Message and Yes the Messengers — NOT the Voters

Via-Front Page Magazine
by David Horowitz

Bruce Thornton, a highly intelligent and eloquent writer is one hundred percent wrong in attributing the Republican election loss to the alleged fact that 47% of the country are now “takers” from government. If Thornton is right, how is it that Republicans were the minority party in 1960 and 1964, before Medicare and all the entitlements that followed the Great Society programs were in place? I say that 47% takers is an “alleged fact” because millions of veterans receive benefits that they made sacrifices for, and millions of older people receive medicare and social security assistance that they also paid for. Moreover, millions of Republican voters are among these so-called takers, and millions more have children who took government loans to get through college.

Asian Americans voted 70% for Obama. Because they are takers? These are entrepreneurial, traditional value, family oriented Americans. They have Republican values. They are welfare averse. Yet they voted for Obama because he persuaded them that he cared about minorities, and Republicans didn’t. That is they didn’t communicate to America’s minority populations that they cared for them. It’s always so easy to blame others for your own screw ups.

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  1. I only read the above,not the entire article.
    And I have to say that I think the Republicans did point out that they care. And the best way that everyone within these United States borders would benefit,would be from a growing economy,and here are the plans .....
    But I think the MSM drowned out that message and further more,demonized it. I dont think we need to change our message. But we could find a new way of stating it and do so in a way that bypasses the MSM. And yes leave out foot in mouth disease. And I think you can still be harshly direct. Just not controversially stupid!
    For instance.
    One could joke like Ronnie did and say that he outlawed the Soviet union.
    One shouldn't comment on studies about rape, without a complete understanding of the complexity of the narrow research.

    1. What they did was frame it as "we have too many people on the government teat"....
      Drove me crazy....the argument they should have made is we need to get more people working and paying taxes....so you can afford all the liberal programs you want