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A Very Bright Silver Lining (I Think)

I have a busy day today so I will not be posting or updating much until later but I wanted to put something out that has occurred to me since the vote last night. It had been on the back of my mind but really hit home with something that Grover Norquist tweeted last night:

As much as I hate the idea of caving in, especially to higher taxes and to increasing the deficit, both of which happened last night, there truly is a silver lining in this very dark cloud.

After all what are Obama and the Democrats going to say when this really does not solve the big problems we face economically, "Tax the rich more?" Peter Ferrera has a good article out today where he makes the point that this does not prevent Republicans from seeking Tax reform as a larger economic bargain. I always thought that Mark Levin's idea for these negotiations for the House Republicans to pass a tax cut on the middle class and then just leave town and let the Dems and Obama argue against it was the way to go. They can still do it only on a grand scale. They now have the leverage and Obama has shot his wad.

From here on out it can only be about spending cuts and major reforms, the tax sideshow is off the table. Conservatives and the Tea Party ought to focus on using their influence to enact real change going forward and not get too hung up on the pickle John Bohner (who needs to go) got the right into by not being a good negotiator.

Most important we need to recognize that there are some 'inside Washington" crowd that are actually on our side but know the ground that they play on better than we do, I still think Paul Ryan is such a person, we will find out when the next battle takes place in the coming months.

As irritating as it is to watch Obama and the Dems chortle over this victory, it very well may be that while their smiling and patting themselves on the back, they are secretly in dire fear since they realize they are now running very low on ammunition.

I would also direct your attention to Erick Erickson's piece"A New Agenda" in The Road Forward sidebar where he makes some good points.



  1. Thanks Jer I needed that.
    But I must admit I am tired of just wait til the next battle.
    I spent 8 years telling myself that with George Jr in the White House!
    I truly am over it!
    Not to mention that I didnt even know that the sequestration part of the "cliff" was just cuts in growth not actual cuts. Yet there were socalled conservatives stating that across the board cuts would be harmful especially with the military.
    I thought to myself that that shouldnt be a problem with the military spending because that has already been cut,and that should be exempt.
    My point is that it always seems as though the real truth comes out after the vote.
    For instance,I heard today that the tax on the "wealthy" would encompass close to or between 40 to 70% of tax payers in this country.
    Well what is it? 40 or 70? And why werent these figures being bandied about before the vote?
    I assume such large figures impacted by increased taxes on those earning over 400/450 thousand are % of taxpayers not just those that work.
    I bounced that around in my head for a bit. If 40+% dont pay taxes then 40 to 70 % of people paying taxes could be the ones earning over $400 grand a year.
    Thats an increase of taxes to essentially 50% or more of the tax paying populace. That cant be good for the economy or for tax revenue for that matter!
    So much for the just attacking robbing stealing from the 1% that you know "dont deserve it" and "can afford to give a little more"
    I could blather more. But I best stop there!

  2. I agree - I needed a little silver lining!

    But I also thought many of the things that you wrote about, spathy. I'm tired of waiting for the next battle to see if someone will have the courage to fight for what is right - not just what is political. I, too, had forgotten that the cuts were to growth, not actual spending. And I, too, am never quite sure just what the facts are.

    I've been wanting to write letters - to the editor of our newspaper, to congressmen and senators, to the people on my e-mail list, etc., but I find that I'm never sure of the facts, so I hesitate. I think much of the information is given out in a deliberately misleading manner.

  3. Number.
    Dont send letters that include unsure facts. There is no need. Your principals are enough ground to stand on. And Constitutional/common sense actually doing the hard work requests are a good start. What does the average voter have to fear anyway. They (our dear leaders)dont know the facts and seldom read the legislation they are voting on.
    Dont forget Obama stated there were 57 some states. You have little to worry about.
    Please write your reps. And dont forget that when Senators are voting on National subjects they are all our Senators! Not just from their respective States!

  4. You're right, of course. Years of conditioning - being afraid of being wrong - have eroded my self confidence. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Here is something I would like to see on your Patriot's Tool Box, Jer:

    A post that would stay at the top, or in the sidebar, for a while. One where we could have a discussion over a few days' time. Often the posts have dropped off the bottom by the time I find a few minutes to type. Also, often I would like to comment on some of the articles you put in the sidebar. (BTW, great selections and groupings!)

    I'd like to see a place where we could tell what we have done to spread the conservative word. If I write a letter to the editor, I'd like a place where I could post a copy of the letter - for feedback, for a pat on the back, or to be available if someone else wanted to copy-and-paste to send their own letter. I'd like a place where we could share ideas, inspiration, and our efforts. It's also a place where we could suggest places to post a conservative idea or fact, as you suggested.

  5. Hi Numbers and Sparthy

    Both of you are welcome to become contributors to either blog if you wish, all you have to do is ask and you can post on here, But for the time being I'll open up the Chatter box again for immediate conversations and see how it goes, it is at the top of the page.