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There is a very important lesson to be learned from what happened when John Boehner pulled the Sandy Emergency Funding bill the other night and it has nothing to do with that particular situation. The lesson is simply this, the Federal Government depends on the US House of Representatives for money...period.

When Boehner pulled the bill, no money was going to New Jersey or New York or any of the pork projects included in the bill. If the House of Representatives wants to cut off funding for something, all that they have to do is do it. It just takes political will. If the House does not want Obamacare, it can very simply not allocate funds for it. A previous congress can not dictate to a future congress. If the House of Representatives does not want to run up trillion dollar deficits, all it needs to do is not spend the money.

If the House truly wanted to put a stop to this it would just simply pass their budget, send it to the Senate and when Harry Reid ignored it, the House could refuse to participate in any more continuing resolutions until the Senate did their job and passed a budget...period. Let the government shut down until the Senate did its job.

Actually what Boehner did the other night in this case was the right thing, he should do it more often..

Article 1 section 7

All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.


  1. Exactly. Thats why I dont get the crap we are being served up!

  2. Of course, I agree with you. We just need principled representatives who are willing to do what's right. We seem to have too many who are political, rather than principled.

    We also need articulate conservatives. We need someone who will say, simply and repeatedly, "We support aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy, but we will not pass a bill that is loaded with pork. Remove the pork, and we will pass the bill."

    I saw a video of Senator Toomey on Morning Joe; he did well, in my opinion. We need a message, and we need it repeated. and repeated, and repeated....until it becomes a fact.

    Yes, you're right about what could be done, but will it be done? I really don't trust many of them any more.