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"[H]istory proves no state is immune from the self-inflicted idiocy of its leaders or people. Just how long we will survive in this state is now a proposition fully engaged. It is the great social experiment of the 21st century."

Michael Austin


  1. Sooo...welcome to 2013. The goings-on in DC don't sound like a very auspicious beginning for the year.

    I don't even know what to say. I don't understand how so many senators supported that bill. (Cheers to the few who didn't.) I don't understand how they managed to slip pork into it - Puerto Rican rum? I don't understand what the Republicans in the House are even discussing - is there really a question about supporting this legislation?

    I'm really discouraged at this point.

    1. Hi Number. Just to further discourage you,I just read the House is planning on voting on the bill without amendment.

  2. If they were not truly the stupid party they would let it play out exactly as it is, then when the vote is taken make sure that there was just few enough votes to fail. Since some Dems are going to oppose this , they could say that there was not enough support in the House to pass it on a bipartisan vote. Share the blame.

    But they won't they'll vote their own demise

    stupid party.

    1. The only thing of interest to me now is
      1. How will my congressman vote

      2. How will Paul Ryan vote.

      That will at least give me clarity for my future loyalty.

  3. It's only politics. It has nothing to do with what's best for the country. I agree - stupid party.