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"The threat of armed mobs is a greater defense of liberties than any words written on an old piece of parchment, however much we may cherish those words."



  1. The battle of Athens.
    Unfortunately too much Governance has been removed from LOCAL CONTROL. As a result its that much more difficult as a Citizen to stop the tyranny. And he only stopgap other than the ballot box is, ATM, unthinkable. AT THE MOMENT.

  2. I think you're right, Jer, and I agree with your comment, spathy - ATM.

    Most of the people I know own guns. Guns are necessary on farms and in rural areas for many reasons. My kids carry and are very knowledgeable about guns and laws. I'm pleased to hear these people defending their right to be armed, and they are passionate about it. Interestingly, they all are very concerned about the basic premise of the 2nd Amendment. They aren't just protecting their possessions and pastimes, but they recognize that gun control is a threat to our country.

  3. The Second Amendment? Tell you what - I fully support your right to own a smooth-bore musket so you can fulfill your obligation to the state militia. Sound fair?