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"One of the great injustices to the entire global warming hysteria is that many worthy endeavors have hitched onto the frame work of climate change and are now irrevocably tied to the myth. Not only does this increase the power of those promoting this agenda, it tars these worthy causes with the same brush. When the stack of cards begins to truly collapse, which it inevitably will, separating the wheat from the chaff will be a very painful experience and many good causes will likely suffer as a result."



  1. One of the "good causes", in my opinion, is the effort for individuals to be thrifty and conserve resources. Instead of looking for ways to be responsible individual users of energy, most people seem to rely on the government to dictate how resources will be used - like regulating mpg on vehicles, forcing the use of those awful twisty "light" bulbs, and mandating ethanol usage.

    Thanks for lots of good reading, Jer. The articles you post in the categories in the sidebars are outstanding, and I always appreciate your thoughtful posts.

    I've been really busy personally, so haven't commented often, but also my time has been taken up with the gun control issues here in NY. My local state senator and assemblyman voted against that gun control bill, so I figure they deserve my support.

  2. Good Job Number.
    You gotta keep them in your sights.
    I mean you have to keep an eye on them.