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"Mr. Obama isn't a leftist lightweight or an incompetent; nor is he a little engaged chief executive who cares more about golfing, surfing, and taxpayer-funded multimillion dollar dates with Michelle than remaking the nation -- radically so. Mr. Obama is truly a rock-solid left-wing ideologue, with a strong strategic grasp, and a man who has Alinsky's tactics down cold."

J. Robert Smith



  1. So,I have noticed and painfully felt.

  2. Where the out of touch and seemingly doing nothing to help the economy thoughts come into play is,because he doesnt bother with or believe in all the things we and history know to be the remedies for an ailing economy and lackluster employment stats.

  3. Ok its the Elephant in the Room/Senate.
    This is the top of the page so this is where I am putting this.

    I am totally confused and as of now totally behind the framework for the latest immigration reform.
    Ok first the likes.
    I like the emphasis on skilled and or educated applicants.
    I like the provisions for the less skilled and yet agriculturally needed applicants.
    I like the; after all the hoops that are a prerequisite are completed, the applicants must get in line behind those that are already in the legal application process.
    I like the provision that states :none of the other provisions will be enacted until the border is secure and there is a good e verify system in place.

    Now the dislikes:
    I dont think our Government is capable of doing these things in order let alone comprehensively.

    My reasoning behind my dislikes:

    Gov.has told us that the borders are secure.
    Gov told us that there was a process to weed out illegal employment and an ironclad method to punish employers that hire illegals. (remember the 80s/90s?
    And last but not least we have a president that bypasses Constitutional authority of the congress and a congress that is feckless in response.

    Now comes my confusion.
    Is this Marco Rubios plan?
    It looks like it.
    Why is it that Rubio is only mentioned in an early ap story in the 9th paragraph?
    Are the Demoncrats attempting to take credit for this Immigration push?
    Is the media purposefully downplaying Rubio\?
    Is Rubio not wanting front and center until the snap polls come out?

    So other than history,inept Gov,And needing to know just whom is piloting this craft,I am all for it.
    This truly seems comprehensive. But if this is the plan that is to be. They need to find some other adjective other than comprehensive.

  4. Hi, spathy. Hi, Jer - good to see you back.

    This quote is a good one, and the article itself is well worth reading.

    Why am I so skeptical about "comprehensive" immigration reform? Spathy, I think you are right on several points.

  5. Number.
    Good to see you too and you have good reason to be skeptical. Many very good reasons!