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Tea Party Re-Flexes Its Muscle

Via-Roll Call

By Janie Lorber

The state of the tea party evokes Mark Twain: Reports of its death were an exaggeration.

Tea party activists who say they deliberately sat out the fiscal cliff debate are ready to reassert themselves as Congress and the Obama administration take up the debt ceiling and automatic spending cuts under the sequester.

The Tea Party Patriots, a national umbrella organization that claims 15 million supporters, is urging its members to confront lawmakers in their districts. They want Congress to let the $109 billion in cuts stand and not increase the government’s borrowing power. And with an eye toward 2014, the nonprofit is soliciting donations and identifying targets for its newly formed political action committee.

“We have six or seven weeks to be influential here,” said Bill Pascoe, a Washington-based conservative strategist who provides weekly legislative updates to the Patriots.

“Get on their schedules, so that they understand that we are not going away, that the movement is growing up a bit,” added Jenny Beth Martin, the Patriots’ co-founder, in a conference call with supporters Sunday night.

Activists such as Martin are warning followers not to openly advocate a government shutdown as a way of resolving the debt limit talks.

During the fiscal cliff showdown, tea party activists were silent, only going public after a deal was struck to chastise those who voted for the package. They say that was all part of a plan to highlight what they see as Speaker John A. Boehner’s political weaknesses — and then deny him another term as speaker.

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  1. Thanks for this article Jer.
    Its given me a path to speak out. After reading this I went to the Patriots toolbox and clicked on the Tea Party link. At the top of that page it had a place to contact the Sens and Reps that voted against the last ditch Fiscal cliff legislation. I will do so this weekend or sooner. We have to remember that these folks are under constant pressure to cave. We MUST reinforce good behavior. Not just gripe about bad Votes.
    I urge all that are reading this to do the same.
    I am in retail. I cant tell you how stimulating and reassuring it is when a customer takes the time to thank not just gripe. Our responsible leaders need to hear an attaboy/girl from us!

  2. This is a must read. Will we finally get a budget. The Idea is to force a budget to get a debt increase. This is a great tactic.


  3. Jer
    I have pondered the idea about commenting in left bastions in an informed polite way. I think I am in on a limited basis. I dont work well with new passwords and such. I might need to start a small login book to keep track. I need one now anyway.

  4. Jer

    I just dont get it. I truly dont. There should be countless people flocking to your website and others voicing their thoughts and tossing about ideas. Telling about and linking to needed information.
    I guess Obama and the left have succeeded in shock and awe of our Republic. Too many Citizens are too busy trying to survive to worry about the survival of the country they live in.
    I just dont know how this downward spiral can begin to turn around if nearly every spare moment coveted away from family/bills/work/and quiet time isnt used to further the better outcome of our future.
    I am told that I dont have children so I dont understand. That has merit. But I do have Parrots. They demand even more attention than any child. And I cant send them out to the yard to play,I cant rely on video games to occupy them.
    I can keep them (in turn) on my shoulder and talk to them while I post.
    While I write my Reps. While I expound and relate the needed urgency our Country demands.
    Perhaps our world would be better if parents would entertain their children like I do my Parrots. Otherwise this country is going to go to the birds!

  5. Jer I would like to hear of some worthy websites to start posting on. To be honest I have been looking at some of the comment sections on the Conservative websites. And to tell you the truth I am shocked by the L&R comments.
    I think the supposed Conservative comments bother me the most. I expect what I read from the Left.
    I think I am far R. But not so. I would need an almost pure Left site to respond in. Otherwise I would be griping at the Wacko Republicans.
    I even wonder if some of those Wakos are stealth Libs. I have seen quite a few of them on the respond lines. They slip up.(not consistent).
    Anyhoo... The next few years always starts today. I am in for the long hard slog.
    God help us all.
    Night Jer and friends :O)

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