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They condemn themselves


  1. Yes they do,but the MSM would never point that out.
    And its across the spectrum of subjects. For instance. Obama and his like ilk voted against raising the debt ceiling when it was trillions of $$$$$$ lower,saying it was irresponsible then. Now such a vote is holding the American people at the point of a gun and it threatens the World economy.
    Absolutely no mention of the ability of Gov to pay debts as they arise without the debt ceiling increase.
    Kinda like not passing a budget for years on end and doing business one continuing resolution at a time.
    Whats the diff?

  2. And BONE HEAD Bonner cant vocalize that logic? I am just a good ole boy Horticulturist. What level below that must Speaker BONNER be?
    Incompetent boob or a traitor in cahoots?
    At this point there isnt much leeway beyond those two choices!