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  1. Here in New York, I think we will wish for a little global warming this week. It's going to be cold!

    The article under The Five - The New Power Class - is quite interesting. It's also distressing as it describes the attitudes of this new power class, for the elites (as has happened so often in history) think they they know best - and therefor should rule the rest of us.

  2. Its interesting how on site x the good Dr just finished a complete diatribe on how its the warmest whatever. And now has a blog that its the coldest in so many days in area xyz. And you guessed it. The 300 to 400 or however many days that these areas went without record breaking below zero temps is because of climate change. And to emphasize how drastic and catastrophic the change is. There it is a record low high temp for area x(or was it y)!

    Reminds me of Hillary with both options to benefit from stocks. Weather the result is up or down she profits.
    You and I would be lucky to end up with a net gain of zero.
    But then again you and I havent reached or realized the utopian dream of political and economic nirvana that we are told awaits us at the end of our Constitutional demise.