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  1. I look at that chart and think: That is a great example of Gov interference in energy,and the triumph of private persistence and ingenuity.

    The blue line represents government control/support/micromanagement. It includes some American tax$$$$$$$$$ as well.
    The blue line shows a spike. That spike was the Governments of South and Central pouring the peoples money into energy production in an effort to get out of debt. The only problem was that it was largely Gov control via the peoples money.Again including large sums from the USA.

    The red line represents a Government attack on energy,and the private sectors triumph over repression.

    Notice how the blue line has a spike and then lackluster ups and downs as monies are pumped in as needed to sustain any gains.
    Notice how the red line takes hit after hit,and still rebounds, until it figures a way around Gov animosity.
    ie: Gov support and control= net gain of almost ZERO.
    Private enterprise triumphing over attack/in the face of an all out war on energy,rebounds at a much more rapid pace than Gov Micromanagement and "support"

    Where there is a free will, there is a way. Where there is Gov. there is a wall.