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For those lamenting the the current state of the GOP and the conservative movement, let me give you some hope.

Come 2016 it is very likely that the three most likely front runners for the Republican nomination will be (in no particular order) Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. There will probably be be others, Chris Christie being a strong possibility but as it stands right now those three have the inside track to be the favorites.

In that likely scenario Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio will be considered the "establishment candidates" and Rand Paul would be considered the "grass roots" candidate. Think about that for a minute! Consider how far to the right the Republican Party has shifted in the past five years to even have such dynamic conservatives considered the front runners.

Think of the optics of those three being the front runners and for all practical purposes the spokesmen for the GOP debating one another on the national stage. If people like (my personal favorite) Mike Pence get into the race or even a woman or two like Susan Martinez or Kelly Ayotte jump in, the field would indeed be quite impressive. The mere fact that the only RINO on the list of serious potential candidates is Christie just goes to show how far the Republican Party has been shifted towards the conservative view.

If Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are indeed considered "establishment" by 2016, I for one will be ecstatic......then there is always Benjamin Carson.


  1. Yes! Benjamin Carson!

    I do hope you're on the right track, for I think a shift to conservatism is exactly what the GOP needs. I think a true conservative would energize many of us who voted for Romney as simply an anti-Obama vote, and I think there are others who would look back over the years of the Obama administration and choose a different path.

  2. I don't see how GOP can win (any candidate) unless they address issues of media, voter fraud, delivering and explaining their principles to everybody. In addition they need to convince people that they actually are going to do (not just to announce their agenda to get votes) what they promise to do. And they should start now, not in 3 years before the elections.

  3. And you will never get a complacent voter to the polls unless you give him something to vote for.
    A moderate same as the opposition does not get out the vote.
    On the opposite side of the spectrum.
    I almost feel as though the Populace has become so polarized/phrase adverse, that if a Conservative could run and never say the words Conservative,Reagan,or Republican,and yet state the said path he or she could win in a landslide.
    I dunaknow!