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With the recent revelations by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that he had no communications with President Obama after the initial pre-scheduled meeting ninety minutes after they learned the American consulate in Benghazi was under attack, a very important question is not being asked. According to Panetta, Obama told him to do whatever was necessary to protect American lives. This is all well and good, Panetta would be the man to take charge of a response, but the question is this:

Did Obama authorize Panetta to send United States aircraft into Libya airspace without Libya's permission?

Putting aside the obvious lack of concern that Obama showed by not keeping up with the situation, the fact of the matter is that only the President of the United States can authorize the violation of another nation's sovereign territory. If he did not give Panetta that authority then for all practical purposes, Panetta really could do nothing. I would also suggest that such an order would have to be in writing, a verbal command would not suffice.

The fact that the only rescue mission that eventually did go to Benghazi was sent from Tripoli tends to lead one to believe that Obama did not give such an order and in fact one must wonder if he did not specifically deny such a request since everyone involved would know that his authorization would be required and certainly they would have asked for it.

Why the Senators during the hearing did not press him (Panetta) on this is curious. Perhaps they did not have time to think through the implications of what Panetta revealed, but nobody seems to be asking the right questions that would get to the bottom of this. So we probably never will.


  1. Interesting question! The conclusions that you draw, and the questions that you ask do indeed need answers, and now I'm left wondering why the Senators didn't ask those questions.

    I agree - we probably never will know. Add it to the list and move on...

  2. Oh we will know someday. history has a way of eventually getting to the truth, but often times it is long after it will do any good

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2276139/David-Petraeus-CIA-directors-bodyguards-exposed-affair-Paula-Broadwell-claims-Benghazi-The-Definitive-Report.html#axzz2KVqGlGmj

  4. Angela.
    Thank you so much for the great link and how it relates to a Jer subject.
    Great find on your part.
    I am going to be bold and ask you what your thoughts are.
    Its a very difficult thing to ask of someone these days.
    But from your continual great selection of worthy links;I know you have something to say. And something very worthy to say. What you have to say amongst friends in most instances is something we Jer Friends had possibly not thought about/or hadent thought about from your perspective.
    I beg of people to think about how "we" cant even muster the ability to plaster our thoughts in a forum that is friendly.
    How in Gods name can we win the battle for ideas and ideals if we arent free to feel foolish in our thoughts amongst friends,as Spathy(I) do?
    If you arent free to communicate to a friendly audience,then how many millions arent comfortable espousing their thoughts in a World that we are told wants the opposite? When in reality those that seemingly oppose us really want the same thing/they just have been brainwashed into following a bad path to the dream of a common goal.
    Find your voice!
    Our Country depends on it and your use of"it"

  5. The links are great. I want to know how you agree/disagree,and what crazy solutions come to your mind.
    I just cant understand how this supposed age of communication is so lacking in the very namesake.
    And just to be clear I am not calling you out.
    I am calling out all conservative Patriotic thinking people.
    I would say that even I should voice my opinion more often,but Jer would need to ban me or give me a seperate space on his blog.
    I have taken Jers thought and started posting on Liberal/Progressive sights.
    I tend to silence The far R and the Far L just by being Me.
    And when I dont collapse the conversation,the resulting thoughts are a testament to the truly thoughtful and caring Patriots that are the silent unenthused majority in these United States of AMERICANS!