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"I'm often incredulous at the self-satisfied political ignorance and gullibility of successful, otherwise high-functioning and intellectually curious Democrats. The range and depth of their ignorance regarding easily ascertainable facts is astounding..."

J Paul Masko, III


  1. I have,on countless occasions, said the same thing to myself and directly to the clueless Lib.

    For instance.
    I can post something like: You all can argue all you want about "IF" there is or isnt Global warming,but if we dont get our fiscal house in order and eventually bring the Gov back within its bounds and means,there will be none of the safety nets,none of the clean and green R&D,NOTHING!
    And in response I get,you are ignorant,you have no idea what fiscal conservatism actually means. You want to shut down Gov at the very time we need gov there to prop us up etc... etc.. etc....
    Nary a word of, yes we are bankrupt.

    Um sir...
    Your house is on fire.
    Response :
    You dont know what a fire is! You want to cut the Gov funding for Firemen and first responders!

    Um sir your house is catching the neighbors house on fire!

    My neighbor is rich and he pays no taxes.You only want the wealthy to stay wealthy and you dont care about us people that are struggling.

    If I was as brain dead as the typical Obamaite,my response would be: your house has a pretty glow,and walk away!

  2. OMG
    Best sidebar read ever!
    Crowley busts LaHood.


  3. Imagine that. Someone is actually asking an administration official serious questions about current and past budgets to point out the absurdity of the present fearmongering.

    Let's let that sink in a bit: "Is it true that domestic flights are down 27 percent from pre-9/11 levels and the budget at the FAA is up 41 percent?"

    How many people in America are aware of this? Probably not many, right?

    How much different would the discussion be if they were?

    Let's see LaHood's answer:

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/02/24/crowley-lahood-post-sequester-faa-budget-500-million-more-2008-when-p#ixzz2LsY0J75L


  4. Hi, spathy! Always good to see you here and read your comments. Yup, you're right on target with the house fire analogy!

    Despite the reams of factual info about guns and violent crime, liberals continue to target the guns themselves as the problem. Recently I read a blog post written by someone I know is highly educated and experienced in research. The blog still advocated the control of guns as the solution. Facts and history be damned!

    Let's call it what it is: People Control.