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Somebody Needs to Make the Case For the Constitution

Via-American Thinker

By Ted Vaughan

Somebody needs to make the case for the Constitution of the United States, before the case is closed. It is that which united us then, that shall unite us again.

Somebody should argue, firstly, that if our government can do whatever it wants, however it wants, to whomever it wants, then we as individuals are enslaved by it. It matters not who is favored by it today. The Constitution is the governor of government, and where government cares not to be governed by it, we have subjective, authoritarian rule, the mark of tyranny, and the antithesis of the American founding.

Somebody should make the case that the Constitution, where observed, has succeeded in its primary objects, such as to "establish justice" and to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"; that as we are that posterity who inherited it, we are equally charged with handing it down. Somebody, while on this subject, should also maintain that the objective to "promote the general welfare", was achieved by the establishment of the Constitution itself.

Somebody might want to mention, that the Constitution created the environment in which we the people were free to build the greatest, wealthiest, strongest, most charitable nation in the history of earth.

Somebody needs to put it out there, that this "government of the people, by the people, for the people", this republican principle, as it's known, is put into practice by none other than the Constitution, without which our country would be something other indeed.

Somebody needs to inform people that the old adage "It's a free country" is in no place truer than in the United States, but that the extent of this truth is always relative to government's fealty to the Constitution, and to the respect for the same by we the people.

Somebody should remind our countrymen of the blood and treasure sacrificed in defense of the Constitution and the freedom that is assures us; that such a revered document deserves not to be discarded with any ease, in whole or in part, and it would be especially profane to do so without the first study.

Somebody needs to make it clear that while the specific protections of individual liberty outlined in the Bill of Rights are widely celebrated, that these protections are merely a sample. The Constitution doesn't specifically protect our right to raise our families as we choose, for example, but we of course retain this right.

Somebody should ask the question, what is it exactly that places the wisdom of those who so avidly undermine the Constitution above the wisdom of our founders, the framers of the document, and those who so dutifully practiced the principles therein for centuries?

Somebody needs to recap that the Constitution is the very thing that protects us from all sorts of abuse by government when power goes to its head, for example:

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