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  1. This is a must read. The real Hillary should be the title.


  2. Things Only a Democrat Could Get Away With


    On Friday, Hillary Rodham Clinton left the Harry S. Truman Building of the State Department after doing a grand media tour of every media outlet with a camera and a microphone. Meanwhile in Benghazi, where it was twenty degrees warmer, foreign organizations were fleeing the city while the killers who stayed behind still walked the streets.

    In her joint appearance with Obama on 60 Minutes, Clinton claimed that her critics were not living in an “evidence-based world”. This is the same world of which she wrote in her goodbye letter to her State Department colleagues; “I am proud of what we have accomplished together.” Those accomplishments are hard to find among the debris of three failed wars, two failed containment policies in Iran and North Korea, and more attacks on American diplomatic facilities than ever before.

    Hillary Clinton presided over the first murder of an American ambassador in thirty years. It was the closest thing to a notable moment in her time as Secretary of State, which concluded, in true Clinton style, with a cover-up, Senate hearings and more finger-wagging.

    And yet, despite all that, the media threw her a farewell party in preparation for the 2016 election. Four Americans died in Benghazi and in four years, Hillary Rodham Clinton expects to take the White House.

    There is a certain symmetry to that. A year of political exile for every man she left unguarded and unsupported while lavishing millions on mosque renovations, embassy paintings and assorted trinkets. A year for every man whose blood was spilled on the warm streets of Benghazi. Four dead men and four years in which to prepare to do the same thing all over again as President of the United States.

    It’s a big job and HRC finally has the experience for it.

  3. This should be an op ed on every major paper in the USA.

    Washington on notice: A Trib exclusive from House Speaker John Boehner

    Read more: http://triblive.com/opinion/featuredcommentary/3399346-74/budget-washington-senate#ixzz2JzWumuS9
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    By John Boehner

    Together, President Obama and his Democrat majority in the Senate hold the lion's share of power in Washington. They have the capacity — right now — to solve the spending problem that is chasing good jobs overseas and causing so much anxiety about our future. They can stop a debt crisis.

    A budget is a logical place to start. Passing a budget is one of the most basic responsibilities of governing. But the Senate has failed to fulfill this responsibility for nearly four years. In that time, our debt has risen to the point that it now exceeds the size of our entire economy.

    Read more: http://triblive.com/opinion/featuredcommentary/3399346-74/budget-washington-senate#ixzz2JzXNMC9S
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    This year has been shaping up to be no different. The president's second inaugural address made barely any mention of our economy or our spending problem. The word “debt” was never used. His budget, due Monday, will be at least one month late. In addition, he and his allies in the Senate are making familiar demands for more tax increases that will hurt small businesses and destroy more jobs.

    Meanwhile, outside the Beltway, families are stretching every last penny to live by a budget. Many are paying more and more for groceries, gasoline and other everyday items while their incomes are flat or falling, thanks to the president's misguided policies. Taking more in taxes and putting off tough choices would just pinch Americans even further.

    Read more: http://triblive.com/opinion/featuredcommentary/3399346-74/budget-washington-senate#ixzz2JzXVYgF5
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    The economy shouldn't be an afterthought — it should drive everything we do. That's why Republicans will press the Democrats' majority to act on solutions that bring jobs home and get our economy moving again. To that end, we recently passed legislation forcing Senate Democrats to live up to their legal responsibility to pass a budget. If they can't pass a budget, they don't deserve to have their salaries paid out from the tax dollars of families who balance their checkbooks.

    No budget, no pay — it's that simple.

    In the House, we have passed a budget every year since Americans entrusted Republicans with the majority.

    These budgets have set out solutions for everything from fixing our burdensome tax code and preserving our entitlement programs to reining in red tape and unlocking our domestic energy resources.

    Indeed, a responsible budget involves much more than making numbers line up right; it's a chance to forge for our children a true path to prosperity. Economic growth is the single most important element of any solution to our spending problem.

    Read more: http://triblive.com/opinion/featuredcommentary/3399346-74/budget-washington-senate#ixzz2JzXcwwTu
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    Read the rest on what should be good links.

  4. I agree, spathy. That article tells it like I believe it is. The Clintons make me shudder.

  5. And here is another one that I got from the sidebar earlier today: http://www.redstate.com/2013/02/04/the-snakes-in-the-gop-grass/