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  1. But dear daddy Obama...... Why is my piggy bank filled with worthless paper that has the letters IOU on it?????
    And when I turn over my little piggy bank to access the contents there is more paper with the word INVOICE printed on it?
    I thought "it"was free. I thought I was investing in my future. I thought I was free too? And why did someone else put a tiny sticker;with their name,(China), on my Piggy bank?
    Well little one.... That is fundamental CHANGE!
    I hope you bow!.?^%# I mean understand! Its all to HELP YOU!
    Disgusting.... isnt it! ?

  2. Yes, disgusting. But I think we're going to see this play out before our children are handed the bill.

    At the rate things are both falling apart and coming together, I think we're going to see disruptions like we've seen in Greece and other countries. The food stamp cards will buy less gas, Medicaid will deliver less medical care, subsidized housing will fall into more disrepair, etc. Those who are dependent on these programs will find themselves pinched for goods and services, and they will be indignant.