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  1. So what do you all think about this "white paper"initiative leak?
    I havent read enough to know.

    On the surface I have little problem with it.
    If an American has demonstrated to be an enemy combatant and is essentially A traitor.
    But the devil is in the wording details for one.
    And two Congress should have a say in this somehow.

    This country has gone so far astray from its Constitutional boundaries that anything close to this kind of edict is very scary.
    If I could trust this Governance,if this countrys "leaders" were working strictly in step with the constitution,I would have little problem with taking out(KILLING) Americans that are deemed as treasonous killers.
    But as far away from our Constitution as we are,when does someone like a tea party member,or third party Constitutional restoration revolt get deemed treasonous, or an enemy of the state? We have gone so far astray the as of now a Constitutionalists could be deemed an enemy combatant of the STSATISTS.

    I am torn. Any thoughts from the JerPals?

  2. JerPals -- I like that!

    I think you've made a good point. I don't trust anything this administration does, even if I don't understand it, for the very reasons you state.