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Deceiver in Chief

Via-American Spectator

By Ron Ross

If he loved his country he wouldn’t be wanting to “fundamentally transform” it.

Barack Obama’s most dangerous talent is his ability to make people believe he’s something he’s not. He is not recognized for whom and what he is, especially the fact that he does not like the country he’s governing. He is effective because he has successfully hidden his true objectives. He has convinced his followers that he has their interests at heart, that he cares about them and wants to help them. The key ingredient in his power lies in his ability to deceive. People do not want to believe that he does not like the country. Our country is in collective state of denial.

Barack Obama is arrogant, intolerant, mean, dishonest, vengeful, and ruthless. He does not wish us well. He is considered by many of his supporters to be a savior. In fact, he’s a destroyer. Is that an unfair indictment? Consider the evidence.

The economy is operating far below its potential. Is he doing anything to discover why? Millions of people are unable to find jobs. Does he seem concerned? He has an abysmal ignorance of how a market economy actually works. He doesn’t show the slightest curiosity about the causes of our economic distress.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing and he doesn’t care that he doesn’t know. He’s so incredibility arrogant, he doesn’t think he even needs to know. The very fact that he thought he was qualified to fill the most important office in the world demonstrates his profound arrogance.

Obama sees no difference between his opinions and the truth. He assumes whatever he says is true simply by the act of saying it. He claims to have proposed $3.9 trillion in budget cuts but no one can explain what he’s referring to. He doesn’t seem to recognize that there is such a thing as the truth.

The reason he has to use a teleprompter is to keep himself from expressing what he really thinks. Honesty or sincerity would lead to his undoing.

Obama despises his political opponents. He shows no interest in compromise or negotiation and is not interested in debating or persuading. He wishes the Republican Party did not exist. He resents constitutional checks and balances. When he said recently, “I am not a dictator,” he was in fact whining. He wishes he were a dictator or emperor.

Whenever he faces a choice between his interests and the country’s interests, he always chooses his own. He is indifferent to the country’s pain. In fact, he seems to relish seeing it happen. He wants the sequester to cause as much pain as possible. He wants to maximize, not minimize, the country’s pain.

We have a president who has a profound conflict of interest with the country he’s leading. Economic growth is by far the most effective solution to many of our problems. But economic growth reduces the need for a large number of government programs — food stamps, housing subsidies, and unemployment compensation, for example. He wants to pile on ever more growth-killing regulations and taxes. Economic growth is detrimental to his policy objectives. He only wants to redistribute wealth, not create it.

He has stated that his desire is to “fundamentally transform” America. Obviously he does not approve of what America is and has been in the past. If you love your wife you do not want to “fundamentally transform” her. If you do want to, then you don’t love her. In his opinion, the birth of our country wasn’t a blessing, it was a kind of original sin. The Obama White House is comprised of people who see America in the same way.

He does not like our history, our traditions, and a large segment of the population — Republicans, gun owners, “millionaires and billionaires,” for example. He told his supporters in the 2012 election that “voting is the best revenge.” He has pitted citizen against citizen.

Can it be denied that he has fomented class warfare? Is class warfare a good thing? Why has he done this? He has done so in order to serve his own selfish ends. Class warfare is good for Obama and his Democrat allies, but it’s bad for the country. His all-consuming policy objective is to expand the size and scope of government in everyone’s lives. The corollary is the diminishment of the individual.

He has indicted entire groups of people (millionaires and billionaires, for example), virtually all of whom are honest, law-abiding, productive members of society — no trial, no evidence, just a verdict. They are found guilty simply because they have wealth. Financial success used to be admired, now it is ridiculed and demeaned. His heart is filled with malice, not generosity or gratitude. He is fomenting hatred and envy. Most people want to believe that he is basically a nice person. He is not.

Republican senators and congressmen either do not see the real Obama or they do but don’t want to go public with their beliefs. They need strategies based on who he is, not who he ought to be.

America has made a grievous error in electing and then reelecting a leader who hates the country he’s leading. Everyone who loves the U.S. — its history, traditions, and a free-market, voluntary exchange economy — is profoundly disheartened by what’s going on before their eyes.

Barack Obama is doing profound and long-lasting damage to the United States. He will continue to do so until people finally recognize who the real Obama is.


  1. So very true.
    I dont think it would scare me as much if 45% werent still thinking he was the greatest thing since (name great thing). But they are still all googly eyed and its just daunting to think how bad things are and still he is relatively popular.
    When I was growing up and learning about what led to WW1 and WW2,I thought how could that happen?
    Surly they (the citizens) must have been aware and yet so dictated over they couldnt stop it. But no,as it happened just enough followed the easier path and fell into hell.
    I am not comparing the outcome of Hitlers wrath to our Governance now. But I am comparing it to the lazy blind allegiance to our dear leader/leaders, and whatever disastrous consequences we will have to suffer as a result.
    I have always thought of our Governance as a balance like a tug of war,(back and forth) but I never imagined a giant,evil pied piper on the other side of the rope. But I guess I should have when I look back at history.

  2. Great comment, spathy! "...lazy, blind allegiance" is so true.