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  1. I dont know what that question is asking. But I have a response to Gay and illegal immigrant demands that circumvent our paths of law.

    If you think you have gained a victory by circumventing the Constitutional processes,you have only gained the process that will eventually deny you or your decedents just results under the law. Or what used to be law/now chaos of emotions and feel good progressivism.

  2. Ok I found the link to the responses to the vague Gretta question.
    I still am not absolutely sure what the question is. If the question is on topic of this days Senate vote?(immigration "reform") The answer/and further question is; who can distinguish?
    The answer to that question should be .... We shouldnt have to distinguish. The Federal Government should be able to and be trusted to secure the borders,so we dont have to question if someone is illegal or not.
    Otherwise the question is meaningless ,unanswerable or irrelevant.