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Into the ground

That the Obama Administration intentionally with held emergency military death benefits for political motives should be obvious. The only possible innocent explanation is that the non-funding fell through the cracks can not be true. We know this since the the Asst Sec. of Defense testified that several groups of lawyers decided that the law did not allow them to pay the benefits (a claim that CBO says is false). So there is no doubt that the Administration at several levels knew that they were not going to pay death benefits.

Now that the problem has come to light the Administration is blaming congress for not putting it in the law (again not true according to CBO). Well if they knew in advance that they did not consider it a part of the law why didn't they act to fix it? Or Obama being Obama why didn't they club Republicans over the head for not providing for it?

No they knew and did nothing to fix it but instead waited for it to make news and then blamed Republicans for the problem. In other words they proactively allowed this to happen in order to blame their political opponents.

This in a nutshell is how the Obama Administration governs. It is all political, all the time. Any reasonable executive or manager looks to solve problems, especially when they can do so before the problem causes harm. The Obama Administration consistently and almost unflinchingly sees problems first as a way to gain political advantage IE; "never let a crisis go to waste."

The saddest part of this is that we have a portion of the American electorate, progressives, who actually view this sck way of managing the nation as good governance. Destroying your political opponent is a greater goal than actually managing the nations affairs.

This strategy can only work for so long if for no other reason than a nation so governed will either devolve into chaos or revolution. In essence we are watching the spoiled children running the family....into the ground.

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