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The "glitch" Tax looms (Corrected)

The idea that Obama and his acolytes in the media would ask Americans to be patient while they work out the "glitches" in the "obamacare" exchange web sites overlooks one very important point. The people who are going to these exchanges to find health insurance are under penalty of law, enforced by the IRS , required to have health insurance by April 1, 2014.

So in effect people are being told that they "must" have insurance in 180, now 172 days, or they will be subject to a penalty which John Roberts calls a tax, while simultaneously not being able to purchase said insurance through the source provided to do so. Worse still  these "glitches" are stacking up the process by which people can obtain insurance creating an even larger bottle neck as we get closer to the "mandatory" deadline. Remember this by the way when they tout the number of people going to the web site, they have to.

It is possible indeed likely that come the deadline many people will have applied for or in other ways be in the "system" but not yet have insurance and thus subject to the penalty/tax.

 The last compromise offer by the GOP controlled House in the shut down battle was to delay just the individual mandate portion of Obamacare as Obama unlawfully did for the business mandate. He did this because businesses complained that they could not possibly comply to the law by the laws compliance date.  if Obama and the Democrats do not delay the individual mandate it is very likely that ,who knows how many Americans, will be in violation of the law simply because the Administration did not have its act together in order for people to comply due to "glitches" in exchange web sites.

President Obama recently  said “In the first week, first month, first three months, I would suspect that there will be glitches,”  how nice of him to say so. But these glitches are not just an indication of the Administration's incompetence, they are in effect creating an ever growing number of unintended law breakers. Lawbreakers who will be subject to pay a penalty/tax simply because the president and the Democrats have crafted an unworkable law and refuse to compromise on delaying its implementation.

But of course this is the Republicans fault.

Ignorance is bliss

(Correction) I mistakenly put mandate date of Jan 1, 2014, actual date is April 1, 2014. Ihave corrected in this post


  1. Jer and friends.
    Jamiekins and I are going to Washington this Oct 13 Sunday for the march on Washington DC. This is not going to be "the big march" but we have to do all we can.
    We cant afford it. We have little time to get there and back,but this is important so we will drive up Fri after work and drive back in time to go to work.Monday. All that read this should start planning for such needed stance. I have been putting away some of my very limited funds for such needs.
    Please folks start planning for the needed show of patriots. Its going to take all we have and more.
    Being that We are without children it makes spur of the moment more possible. But those of you with children and dependent family need to start making plans to move your body and voice to the place of gathering that can best demonstrate your voice.
    God help us all ,but make sure that you as an individual are ready and willing to do the seemingly impossible.

    Its at that point folks.

    1. Hi Spathy

      Thanks for going, I wish I was in a position to join you, but alas I can not. It is important that people get involved in any way that they are able and I sincerely appreciate people like you that know how important the "cause" is and actively support it..

      Again thanks my friend and wave the flag for me


  2. Hi, spathy! Thank you for going to DC. I'm not able to travel (due to arthritis), so I work hard at home to make enough to contribute to the Tea Party. I agree - it's at that point.

    Jer, IMO you're exactly right that the individual mandate will create law breakers. As we have already read about, many people will not be able to afford health insurance. They were lead to believe that on the exchanges the premiums would be "affordable", but many people live from paycheck to paycheck and the extra for health insurance simply isn't there. I think this will force many onto welfare, Medicaid, and unemployment. An "unintended" consequence? I think not - I think it's planned for failure.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Oh you betcha its planned. Remember never let a crisis go to waste and if there isnt a crisis....? create one!